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Re: Breeding Apistogrammas?

S. Bunch,

>>Just one question for you. It doesn't sound as though the Apistos are all
>that hard to get to breed, and not too bad on raising the fry. Is this

If you have a pair of mature cichlids they will at some point do the
business but the trick is having a successful spawning and this comes down
to water maintenance and a good varied diet.  As to raising their fry I
would rate them very highly  as being excellent parents.

>asked my LFS about breeding the Rams, and he told me that they were _very_
>difficult. Is this true? I realize you have to have the right water
>parameters, but as I just purchased a RO unit a few months ago for a
>saltwater reef tank, I feel that I could do that part of it.<<

This depends on your breeding stock, if you are referring to Ramirezi.
Altispinosa will breed successfully anywhere, community or species tank.

>>Enough different to make them a challenge without devoting my entire life
to them.<<

I've heard that before, once you experience an Apistogramma species caring
for their fry you will be hooked for life.  Give them a try, you won't
regret it I promise you.

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