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Re: Looking desperately for any kind of information

nicholastubbs@hotmail.com writes:

> I must admit that I do not really know who I'm writing to,

You're eriting to a couple hundred fellow apistophiles.

> but I'm looking 
>  for any information on how to make your own food.

I can't help you here.  I keep hearing about folks doing this, but I don't 
yet know why, so I haven't tried it.

> I'm also looking for 
>  advice on how to keep,reproduce, and basicly anything on Apisto 
>  Apisto Boreli, Apisto Agassizi and Cacatuoides, which are the dwarf 
>  which I'm keeping at the moment. I've been in the hobby for a long time 
>  so any form of information would be welcomed...Thanks a lot,

Now this we can help with.  Borrelli, aggasizii, and cacatuoides are among 
the easier fish to keep and spawn.  Soft water, under 60 ppm GH, and pH 
around 6.0 will work for all of them.  They spawn in "caves" and several of 
them should be placed in a tank with your fish.

Mcmasteri is another story.  He's a little tougher and will need a little 
lower pH and softer water to be truly happy.

For all of them, a ten gallon tank is the minimum for a pair, and larger is 
better.  Some folks keep a few tetras or some such for "dithers", or 
distraction/aggresion targets.

Frozen and live foods are generally best, but I have lately had really good 
luck with earthworm flakes.

Bob Dixon

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