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sp 4 strips

Hello all
I acquired a very nice pair of Apisto sp 4 strips a few weeks ago.   Can
anyone give me more info on these guys.   They are very nice looking
fish but are always hiding behind the filter ( favorite place for the
female) and inside the cave for the male.   They don't appear to be
interested in each other.   My water is a pH of 6.5, 60 ppm hardness,
78F for temperature.   I feed them a varied diet of tetra bits, frozen
foods ( bloodworms, mosquito larvae, daphnia) 
and live baby brine shrimp with an occasional live black worms when I
can get them.   I don't have an dither fish in the tank, should I add
some?   They are of spawning size but I haven't seen the female turn
even the slightest hint of yellow yet.   Is this normal or am I doing
something wrong here.   Any help would be great as I really love the
fins and looks of these guys.   Thanks

John Wubbolt

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