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Food (was Re: )

>          Hi,
> Thanks to all for your time...Does anyone make his own food, because I'm
> looking for a receipt

I usually make my own paste food based on fish meat, shrimps, peas, 
eggs and oat porridge. It's never exactly the same but usually equal 
parts of fish, shrimp, peas and porridge (salt free). Add an egg,  
some paprika powder, maybe some orange juice and vitamins. 

Mix it all in a blender and put it in the freezer. 

I don't do it as often as I used to because the pickier Apistos
don't like it very much and I don't wanna take the time to force
them into it. I mostly use BBS, Red Mosquito-larvae, Cyclops,
White worms and Shrimp-pellets for my fish nowadays. I will
try the marine flakes since someone said Apists do take those
(can anyone confirm?) but they're hard to find here in Sweden.

Hope this helps
Fredrik L.

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