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Re: fin rot

I don't like to speculate on diseases when I can't see the fish. Jeez, I
hate to speculate on them when I can see the fish. My first thought
though was 'the gravel'. then, as I read of your substrate, I became
Way back, I had a 20 gallon with that general type of substrate. I also
had the same basic fish symptoms, although I had sudden deaths too. Test
kits gave me nothing, but when I tore down the tank, the unaffected fish
never developed any rot.
It's pure anecdote, but. I think in that case, I did something wrong in
preparing a type of tank that works for a lot of plant people. 
Then again, healthy panduros and the nastiest apisto I've ever kept,
atahualpa (sunsets)... You sure it's a disease and not slow murder?
Getting nibbled to death might give that look too. Panduro and atahualpa
are not fish I'd keep with Dicrossus. I've seen tail-less atahualpa -
when they first came in I had ten in a 33 gallon, and they were just
about headless after the first morning in each other's company. 

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