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Re: fin rot

I have to agree on the aggression level of the Atahualpa's.    I tried a
trio in a 20 long with lots of flower pots, Java Moss and a few Java
The male staked out the middle flower pot and tore apart one of the
females.   After adding a trio of Diamond Tetras it gave the male
something to chase instead of killing the other female.   The male is
now around 3 Inches long and nasty.  I really don't ever expect this
pair to spawn.   I also found out ( I should say she found out) that
trios of Panduro's don't work well for me.   The second female didn't
last very long when they were all placed in a tank by themselves.
Thank god I rescued her and she's now doing fine in my lonely hearts
club tank.   Chinese Algae eaters don't even have a place in any tanks
in my home.   First off they really don't eat any algae, they like meat
it seems.   I've seen way too many larger fish in shops terrorizing
smaller fish.   When will shop keepers learn this really isn't a
community fish and shouldn't be sold as one.   So to avoid the so called
fin rot, avoid CAE's all together, Don't keep Atalhaulpas in a small
tank and only pairs of Panduro in anything less then a 15 gallon tank.
This is my 2 bits worth of info.


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