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Re: Typical M. Ramirezi & Gold Ram

Believe me, I would not ordinarily have bought the fish from this pet shop.
It's just a little mom & pop type pet shop where they think they're doing
good, but don't really know what they're doing. It's just that I've had two
other pet shops trying to get them for me, plus checking at the local
pet-smart, but haven't been able to find them for a month now. Everyone
tells me that they usually have them quite often, but they've not seen them
very often this summer. So I broke down and got them, just hoping that they
will live. They looked pretty healthy when I got them, so I'll have to trust
to luck after that. The price wasn't even a consideration.


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: What kind of pet store is this?! It certainly wouldn't be one I would
patronize -
: no matter how cheap their stock. Sadly, too many people don't recognize
: difference between cheap and inexpensive these days.  I feel that this has
led to
: more low quality merchandise (and not just in the pet industry) now than
in the
: past. The old adage generally holds true - you get what you pay for.
: Mike Wise
: "S. Bunch" wrote:
: > At the LFS where I bought the fish, it's better to catch them when the
: > first come in. They're usually healthy when they get them in, but they
: > always stay that way after
: > they have been in the store tanks a few days.
: >
: > Sherry
: >

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