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Re: Typical M. Ramirezi & Gold Ram

S. Bunch wrote:

> One of them was sick when I got it home (the gold one that I hadn't wanted
> to begin with). I medicated for gill parasites, which is the only diagnosis
> I could find for the hard breathing and swollen gills they were showing. It
> didn't seem to be helping though. I thought maybe I was contributing to it,
> so I checked my water quality. Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites all at "0". PH
> 6.8, Total hardness <10.

Hi Sherry,

I have found that both the domestic, or farmed, varieties as well as
wild fish tend to show some kind of respiratory stress (evidenced by the
hard breathing you mention) when first brought into a store or
wholesaler. I have used Paragon, by Aquatronics, with great success. The
only side-effect is that the rams develop a lymphocystis-like condition,
likely in response to the active ingredient in the Paragon. However,
after a several of weeks of regular water changes (50% every week) the
lymphocystis-like growths disappear and the rams seem perfectly healthy
from then on.

Hope this helps and good luck with them, there're worth the work.


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