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Sigh... I finally decided that these are going to be the only dwarf cichlids
in the Louisville area, so if I wanna try dwarfs these are it. I found a beautiful
bunch of gold rams at a shop where I get a discount so I decided to go for it.
I bought five beautiful specimens that appeared flawless. Within two days even
the ones that had slightly pale (compared to the two nicest ones) color had
colored up and were AWESOME. The back half of their bodies was (note the was)a
pearlescent blue and their head seem to be getting a deeper yellow all the time.
There was the typical cichlid behavior with a little squabbling and even a couple
of quick mouth fights. Five days later they are every one dead. One at a time
each morning another one was found with no obvious injuries, blemishes or defects.
This is the case with every ram I have ever bought in a fish store. The other
fish in the tank are just plain old feeder platies and some species of dwarf
cory cat. Those all lived. Does anyone here plan to attend the Louisville Fish
Fanciers Workshop and auction this weekend? I would love to get some fish for
this tank. I will consider any type of dwarf at this point and will pull the
other fish out as soon as I find something to put in there.


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