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Wardley Complete Remedy? (kind of long) :(

I just announced a few days ago that I had finally gotten the Blue Rams I
had been waiting for so long on. Now I hope someone can help me on a problem
with them.

One of the six started showing signs of heavy breathing with swollen gills
soon after acclimation to my tank, while the others seemed fine. I couldn't
tell whether it had been already acting that way in the bag or not. I picked
them up from the LFS while they were still in their shipping bag. The sick
one lasted until this morning, almost exactly a week since I'd gotten them.
Now a few more are beginning to breathe heavily also.

I don't believe it's my water, as Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates are all "0",
PH is 6.2, Temp. ~83, GH 6. They are currently in a 10gal. w/ 4 small zebra
danios. The danios are showing no signs of distress. My 30gal will be ready
for them to move into by morning. I'm currently working on bringing the PH
down and the temp. up in the 30gal.

I asked my LFS about the possibility of gill flukes a few days before the
first one died, and he said he hadn't seen or heard of gill flukes in fish
in this area for years. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything else that
might be causing this as they show no other signs and it seems to be

Now, to the subject. All I have on hand for tonight is "Wardley Complete
Remedy". It claims to be good for external parasites, fungi, and bacteria.
The only listed ingredient is sodium chlorite. I says on the bottle that
this is not a salt solution, but an oxidant. Would this work for gill
flukes? Has anyone had any experience with it?

Also, as far as salt solution goes, I've seen on deja news that it can be
helpful in taking care of parasite problems. My questions on this is how
much you should use with a soft water cichlid, and wouldn't any amount cause
the hardness and thus the PH to increase? I would think that this would put
more stress on the fish. Would non-iodized table salt work? It was
recommended for use in my pond, so I have plenty of it on hand.

Sorry so long,

Just another worried fishkeeper,

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