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Re: Wardley Complete Remedy? (kind of long) :(

I have an update already. The danios had been in the tank about 2 months and
been doing great, so I thought I would go ahead and put them in the 30gal.
tank tonight as they wouldn't be bothered so much by a slightly higher PH
like my Rams would. I netted one out and found Ich! Although I hadn't seen
any sign of ich on the dead Ram this morning, I guess I have to assume the
rest of the Rams and Danios have it also. Once again, should the Wardley be
effective against it as it claims?


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Subject: Wardley Complete Remedy? (kind of long)

: I just announced a few days ago that I had finally gotten the Blue Rams I
: had been waiting for so long on. Now I hope someone can help me on a
: with them.
: One of the six started showing signs of heavy breathing with swollen gills
: soon after acclimation to my tank, while the others seemed fine. I
: tell whether it had been already acting that way in the bag or not. I
: them up from the LFS while they were still in their shipping bag. The sick
: one lasted until this morning, almost exactly a week since I'd gotten
: Now a few more are beginning to breathe heavily also.
: I don't believe it's my water, as Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates are all "0",
: PH is 6.2, Temp. ~83, GH 6. They are currently in a 10gal. w/ 4 small
: danios. The danios are showing no signs of distress. My 30gal will be
: for them to move into by morning. I'm currently working on bringing the PH
: down and the temp. up in the 30gal.
: I asked my LFS about the possibility of gill flukes a few days before the
: first one died, and he said he hadn't seen or heard of gill flukes in fish
: in this area for years. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything else that
: might be causing this as they show no other signs and it seems to be
: contagious.
: Now, to the subject. All I have on hand for tonight is "Wardley Complete
: Remedy". It claims to be good for external parasites, fungi, and bacteria.
: The only listed ingredient is sodium chlorite. I says on the bottle that
: this is not a salt solution, but an oxidant. Would this work for gill
: flukes? Has anyone had any experience with it?
: Also, as far as salt solution goes, I've seen on deja news that it can be
: helpful in taking care of parasite problems. My questions on this is how
: much you should use with a soft water cichlid, and wouldn't any amount
: the hardness and thus the PH to increase? I would think that this would
: more stress on the fish. Would non-iodized table salt work? It was
: recommended for use in my pond, so I have plenty of it on hand.
: Sorry so long,
: Just another worried fishkeeper,
: Sherry

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