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Nannacara Anomola

Never thought I'd get excited spawning Nannacara Anomola again.   But it
had been about 4 or 5 years since doing them last.   I picked up 2 pairs
towards the end of the summer and with my recent move and all, one of
the pairs spawned for me 2 days ago.  Didn't notice the eggs until I saw
the female with the checkerboard pattern and the male hiding behind the
sponge filter.   I really didn't set the tank up for breeding just yet.
It was only bare bottom with a nice clump of Java Moss in the tank.
She decided the front corner on the silicon was good enough place as
any.   Well there's about 40 or so eyed up little eggs in her clutch.
I know it's not a big deal spawning these guys but it had been a while
since I saw good quality fish in my local shops.   So here I go again.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings this morning.   I just get excited
when anything spawns.   Guess I just love tropical fish.  


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