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Laetacara thayeri: 2nd batch

i came home tonight and they were chasing fish away again.  i look over (this 
time i'm paying more attention) and there they are: eggs on top of a big flat 
pebble.  the female stands guard over them, frozen... it's amazing.  the male 
runs around and sometimes he spells her but mostly it's she who stands over 
them.  i had happened to buy some new Hoplosternum cats today (i know, i 
know, but i keep community tanks... i don't think of them as breeder 
tanks...).  one confused newcomer couldn't figure which corner to stand and 
got harassed a lot by the pair.  let's hope this time, they'll raise the fry 
to adulthood...

btw, i also got 2 transparent knifefish (Eigenmmania virescens).  they are in 
a separate tank.  has anyone here ever had any luck with gymnotids?  i have 
not had much luck with them in the past but this time i'm determined to not 
forget live foods for them.  please advise, i figure there's lots of south 
american fish enthusiasts here.

tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA

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