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Re: Laetacara thayeri: 2nd batch

Tsug Yang.
Sorry but your Thayeri won't have a chance this time either especially now
that Hoplosternums have been introduced to the tank.  In the past (when I
didn't know any better) I witnessed H.Pectoralle eating cichlid fry.  Of
course when I saw this the pectoralle were quickly removed from the tank.  I
was told 'they're harmless cats and won't cause any harm!'.  In my opinion
catfish species, given the chance will eat eggs / fry.
You're Thayeri are a fertile pair and if you want to have success with them
house them in a more appropriate environment.
>i had happened to buy some new Hoplosternum cats today (i know, i
> know, but i keep community tanks... i don't think of them as breeder
> tanks...).  one confused newcomer couldn't figure which corner to stand
> got harassed a lot by the pair.  let's hope this time, they'll raise the
> to adulthood...
> tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA

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