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Re: feed krib fry

I would avoid the use of cucumbers in a tank unless you are feeding
vegetarians.  Why, because it can very quickly cause an infusoria bloom in a
tank.  Left in a tank uneaten it will quickly mess up the filter(s) with a
gooie slime.  The species I know that will eat cucumber (livebearers)
Ilyoden xantusi, almeca splendens, (Catfish) Rineloricara and ancistrus
species.  (Cichlids) Uaru and Heros species.  I breed Uaru and Heros severus
and I use cucumber and lettuce every day in those tanks but these species
are so greedy all is eaten very quickly.  By all means give it a try but I
think you will be wasting your time, as I mentioned before I have never seen
apisto or pelvicachromis species eating cucumber.
Oh! one good use for putting a small slice of cucumber in a tank is to catch
those menacing snails.  Pop in tank last thing at night, in the morning the
cucumber will be covered in snails, lift this out before tank lights are
switched on.  Repeat as required.
A Happy Healthy New Year to All
Lang may yer lum reek (translation if required)

From: John Wubbolt <BigJohnW@webtv.net>
> I didn't realize that people used Cucumbers as a food for fish.  Always
> good to know these kind of things.
> John

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