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Re: Laetacara thayeri

helen, mike, vinny et al,

well, the 2nd batch is gone.  they gave up again.  i think the stress of 
guarding them is too much.  

they should worry about the Hoplosternum?  this tank houses 2 midnight cats 
(Auchenipterichthys (spelling?)), 1 Hypostomus, 1 Dianema longibarbis, and 
now 3 Hoplosternum; not to mention large size bleeding-heart tetras (H. 
erythrostigma), brasilia king (Rhoadsia sp.), Moenkhausia intermedia, emperor 
tetras etc.  they got lots to contend with.  it's only a 55-gallon.

however, in this tank i had in the past kept several generations of Nannacara 
anomala.  i couldn't stop the damn pests from multiplying!  in my experience, 
cichlid parents are very good at guarding and protecting their fry even in 
community tanks.  i bred P. pulcher and Betta pugnax in the past, in addition 
to N. anomala, in community tanks and grew the fry to adulthood.

yesterday, i did think about taking out the pebble where she laid her eggs 
on.  i think i'll take it out if there's a 3rd batch.  i worry about raising 
the fry without the parents though.  my past experience has told me that the 
fry do well in these old established tanks where they can find infusoria 
among the detritus.  i could also try to make a partition to segregate the 
female from the rest of the tank.

i wish i had a basement where i can put 70 tanks like some of you, guys.  
unfortunately, this is a one-bedroom apt., and i only have this 55-gallon, 
one 29-gallon, four 10-gallon, and two 2.5 gallon tanks.  they are all 
community tanks.  i have another 55-gallon but i grow orchids under lights in 

if there's another batch of eggs, i'll try to take it out.  i'll keep the 
list posted.  thanks for the input.

tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA

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