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Re: Petswhse discussion

Robert wrote:

> I would be interested to know
> what further plans are on the horizon of the steering committie beyond the
> convention and the upcoming aquascaping contest. I had heard talk of
> possible regional activities...can anyone elaborate?

Hi Robert,

The idea wasn't so much for the AGA to directly provide regional activities,
but to support regional aquatic plant groups in any way we can.  We've
helped several regional groups get off the ground by referring them to
members of larger regional groups for ideas on how to structure their group,
run meetings, etc.  We love to hear of regional activities and events, and
have invited these groups to send us news of their activities to print in
TAG.  (Most of you have probably read my own reports of our AGA activities
during the NEC conventions each year)

I think that one of the best ways to grow this hobby is for people to make
the effort to meet and support others with similar interests on the local
level.  But this needs to be a grass roots effort.  It has to be done by
local people themselves.  It's not only that we do not have the manpower on
the management committee to organize these efforts in diverse locations.
It's even more because each group will have its own needs, interests and
ideas.  We encourage them to run with what works for them.

Are you interested in forming a local group?


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