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Legal Question

Question - What are the legal issues surrounding the posting of scientific
papers? Can you order a copy of a paper and then post it to the web if you
place the information concerning the original copyright holder with it
(like, the Journal it came from, etc.).

The reason I ask is related to a question which came up this afternoon on
the APD. Someone asked abut Anubias and I found several articles which Karen
had written - I posted the URL links so the person asking the question could
read them. From my reading of Karen's articles, it looks to me like she had
actually read the most recent scientific paper done on the genus and was
able to draw some conclusions which were very helpful for aquatic gardeners.
I'm sure that there are many scientific articles done on various aquatic
plants which might be interesting/helpful/useful to the more advanced
hobbyists among us. The trouble many people would have is tracking down
those many, possibly obscure, references. It might be an idea to get some
people to start collecting these things and putting them into a form and a
place where we all might be able to benefit from them.

Would the AGA be able to obtain permission to "reprint" these sorts of
things - either through TAG or (preferably) in Adobe Acrobat format on the
AGA website?

Is it verbotten to post the original texts to the web? Or is it possible to
get permission to do so? I remember a flurry of feathers flying a few years
ago on the Crypts list when someone suggested that Jan post a number of
scientif papers on Crypts that he often refers to., so maybe there are
things I don't know (hence this question).

Just a thought.

James Purchase

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