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Re: sprouting bulbs

I changed the title, I'm getting tired of seeing it in my email...

>>Hahahahhaha! I would if I could, but I don't know much about the viability
of many tuberous aquatics, so I'll have to pass.<<
Amazing! I found something you are not well versed in!

>>I came across some information a few weeks ago on an Australian web site
that dealt with how the seeds of some aquatics do have specific needs for
them to be able to break dormancy - as I recall, they needed "smoke" (as in
from a fire) for them to germinate and there are companies which produce a
"liquid smoke" which is supposed to do the same thing. Maybe some
Aponogetons come from similar environments (I don't know, that's only a

Well I am a heavy smoker, I guess I could start blowing smoke on my bulbs...
ok, I know various techniques to get bulbs to sprout, (is germinate the
correct term in this case), but I am not sure what to do with the ones that
dont. sometimes I have had ulvaceus bulbs rot, they get squishy and black
inside, you squeeze them and this pussy stuff comes out, (its been a long
day,) so hey, I chuck those. But those that just sit there and dont do
anything: I keep them for a while holding out hope. I put them under bright
light in shallow water, in a plastic bag with just a little water, or let
them sit in an aquarium.  But most of my Barclaya bulbs never sprout. In the
summer I put them outside under the bright sun...same results, only about
ten to 15% sprout. Apons I get a much higher yeild.

Robert Paul Hudson

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