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Water parameters for dwarfs?

I have tried on occasion to do some dwarf cichlids with mixed success.  What
I would like to ask is
if anyone has a feel for the right fish for the following tank.  3 gallon
Eclipse planted tank with soft
RO water mix which has temperature span of 80 to 86 degrees F (26 to 30
degrees C).  I thought
to try certain killifish, dwarf cichlids, or tetras, or catfish but the
temperatures are pretty high.  I
fear that most dwarf cichlids, especially Apistos might not be an option
because most of the ones I have kept previously like or require cooler water

Also, I have not been able to get on to http://www.aquaria.net/ today and
was wondering if there is
something wrong with their website?  If anyone would be so kind as to e-mail
me privately if they
have any insights on this problem, it would be appreciated.

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