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Re: Mis-ID in Mayland and Bork?

> I couldn't agree more! Hockey had it Gretzky, but undoubtedly Brian was
the Great
> One of apisto breeding. Whenever I found something new and I wanted to be
> that it was spawned, I always shipped it to Brian. He was the only one I
> knew who bred Mysis shrimp for food. His tanks were gorgeous. It was a sad
> when he decided to pack up everything and retire from the hobby. The Bay
Area, as
> well as dwarf cichlid hobbyists in general, has lost 2 greats. First Brian
> now Kurt Zadnik, ... and I just keep plugging along.
> Mike Wise


I dont think Brian has given it all up yet.  The last time I spoke to him,
he was still quite excited about Apistos, although I doubt he has many DC
friends in Jacksonville, FL.  There is still hope.

As for Zadnik, I think he is getting back in the game too.  He was at ACA
Detroit and is a speaker at the next one.  I think he went full bore for so
many years that he needed a break.  Funny, the Apisto scene is so different
now than it was 3-4 years ago.  He should have a blast getting back into
it...but he seemed to be talking about Rift Lake a lot...sigh.


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