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Re: Mike Wise writing a book?


If you pattern a book after those that have come before, then you're right -- who
needs another book like these.  But you should brainstorm for your own angle, for
some angle that covers what you know and can do.  For instance, if you can't get
photos of every species, have a good selection of photos without trying to do them
all.  Perhaps a section on species identification can include line drawings.  Perhaps
a section can include stories as to how you and other hobbyists have obtained rarer
species. Perhaps a spawning section can share stories of how you or someone else
finally got a pair to spawn.  All of this info would be fresh and could be a
much-needed synthesis of what's currently scattered here and there.  Then again,
maybe it could be an updateable Web site instead of a book.

Don't think about another Linke/Staeck-like book, think about what hobbyist Mike Wise
can contribute to the hobby.

-- Randy

Mike & Diane Wise wrote:

> <snip>
> Once, in the glow of many accolades, I semi-seriously considered writing a book
> in installments for the ASG. Sitting back and looking at it dispassionately I
> realized that I didn't have the resources to do it properly. Access to newly
> discovered species is a major part in writing any book on this subject. I don't
> have access to the fish (I'm not rich by any means and dwarf cichlids are next to
> impossible to find in Denver unless you come to my ... (Oh No, I won't go
> there!)). Unless you are TFH Publications or A.C.S. Glaser, access to reasonable
> photos of all the needed species is extremely difficult. Time could be found for
> observing and breeding all of the species, but I feel mass breeding each species
> only once or twice would become more like work than a hobby. This is something I
> don't want to happen! I'm happy observing and breeding obscure,
> less-than-commerically-salable (= mostly ugly), apistos that fill my tanks right
> now.
> My question is why do we need another book?? Right now there are 2 books on West
> Africans, 8 books on Neotropicals and 3 on dwarfs in general that are in print
> and available right now. (Oh, yes,  I do have a manuscript to one more, but it
> certainly isn't mine!) There is also the ASG which is progressing nicely thanks
> to the few dedicated people willing to work on its Steering Committee. There's
> the Apisto Mailing List, too. Do we really need more books? All I can do is
> repeat what the other books say. Is it worth it? I don't think so. Besides, I
> don't need all of you picking my book apart for errors & mis-IDs! Oh, and for
> those who just have to have my autograph, I hope to see you all at the ACA
> Convention in Cleveland in July.
> Mike Wise

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