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Re: Dwarf Cichlid Plague

on 2/28/00 2:46 PM, Dan Gottsegen at dgotts@linex.com wrote:

> Chad,
> Could I enquire into the brand of bloodworms? Had they thawed and then
> been refrozen to your knowledge? I had always assumed that at least some
> brands of frozen bloodworms were safer than live foods certainly. Also,
> How long did it take for signs of illness to occur? Did you stop feeding
> these bad worms to the fish when the symptons first occured? I have been
> following this thread with interest and with no knowledge worth
> imparting to you. I am certainly sorry for your fish loss, but figure we
> could probably all learn from your misfortune... good karma for you in
> turn.
> Dan

They were Sally's frozen blood worms.  They may have at least been partially
thawed during a feeding wehn I left them out while ansering a phone call
that got very long (I forgot about the worms).  If it was indeed the blood
worms that caused the infections of the Panduros, Rams and possibly now some
of my Cacatuoides - the Panduros started showing signs 12 hours after the
first feeding and all were dead within 24 hours or so - the Rams started
dying the fallowing day and all but 1 of 13 were dead within the another day
and a half.  About this time my oldest pair of Cacatuoides started to become
lethargic.  The Cacatuoides are still lethargic and haven't eaten in 3 days.
Other Cacatuoides in the tank (1 male and 2 female) aren't showing any signs
of distress.  Interestingly, I also have 5 seemingly unaffected Veijitas in
the same tank that previously held the now dead Rams.

Yesterday and today I stripped 2 of my tanks and have bleach solution
sterilized the tanks, the internal structures and, equipment, nets etc.  I
plan to start cycling the two tanks tomorrow and strip and sterilize 2 more
tanks, rotating the remaining stock in the newley cleaned tanks (after they
have been cycled).  Hopefully, I will have disinfected and eliminated any
further 'plague' spreading.  I do have some Ram fry that I can grow out to
repoulate the Ram tank.  I just hope that I don't lose any more fish.  The
strange behavior of the Cacatuoides has me concerned.  I hope they pull
through.  Thanks for the concern - I'll take any karma (and replacement
fish) I can get at this point :-).

- Chad

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