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Re: Nanochromis-lawsuits,denunciations, etc.

I want to first of all apologize for the fact that such matters have come to
this forum. I do not believe that the members of this list should have to be
"turned off from the hobby" by such off topic postings. I would ask that any
differences that Mr.muniz may have with me would be communicated via
registered/ certified mail. I also ask that all parties cease and desist
from such off topic postings for the betterment of the people on this list.
I must add that one must question the credibility of  Sam Muniz ( Dart Frog)
on August 9, 2000 I communicated with some commercial pet shop owners and
was told that Mr. muniz said " I had died in a car accident" and would no
longer be offering fish. Mr. Muniz false, malicious, and slanderous
statements must stop. I must also state that the contents of this e-mail has
been sent as a registered letter to Mr.muniz and will constitute legal
notice on my behalf. If such behavior does not stop I will pursue legal
avenues for resolving this matter including slander and liable damages.

Best regards to all on the list

David Sanchez

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