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Aqualog supplements WAS: Re: mini COAC convention in Kitchener/Waterloo

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the tip, but I'd already placed them in the book.  I have figured out how
to tell what ones I got though.  I went to the Aqualog site and looked up the
supplements.  There were pictures of the supplement pages there and I compared the
Apistos on the supplements to the ones I stuck in my book.  It appears I have
supplements 1-3.  Do you know how many supplements there are in total?  I thought
there was 4, but only 3 show up on the Aqualog site.

Thank you,


Mike & Diane Wise wrote:

> Lisa,
> I believe that there are 4 suppliments for SACII. If you haven't separated the
> stickers from the page that they came on, you can determine which supplement you
> have by looking at the center of the page and find the article number:
> Art.Nr.:0003-1 is supplement 1, 0003-2 is 2, 0003-3 is 3, etc. Hope this helps.
> Mike Wise

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