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Re: Apisto ID

Hi Mike,

Yes it did change colour to start with, when stressed, but I haven't seen it
do this for a few months. Here is another pic taken the day I got it back in
Sept. 2001 when one of the angels was paying just a little too much
attention to it. It is showing that mottled colour pattern here. I guess
that does it then - Hongsloi it is - Thanks everyone 8-)


If this female is showing male characteristics and I introduce a male will;

- the male react aggressively towards it?
- it revert back to female colouration?
- she be able to breed still? I have heard of gender transformations in
Apistogramma and Dicrossus - is this the start? I was under the impression
this didn't happen unless there was a few individuals al of the same gender

Are hongsloi harem spawners - would it better if I got a few more females


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