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Re: Agassizii breeding assistance needed

Thank you all for the great information.  I thought I was on the right
track; just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something important.
Patience isn't always my long suit.

Dave, you mention the age of the fish.  I received them at the end of May,
01.  The fish were sexable and I've had them for almost 10 months.  Age
shouldn't be a factor should it?

And, Mike you mentioned another possibility.  These fish were supposed to be
of stock from the Rio Ampiyacu.  Does this help with the possibility that
the female is A. bitaeniata.

Again, thank you all for the great feedback.  I'll keep you posted.


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> to them. One point to consider is trhe fact the
> Apistos are short lived fish so if you bought them
> very large it is possable they are past their prime.
> Older fish takelonger to spawn then younger fish and
> older fish take longer to acclimate to new tank
> conditions as well. I would only suspect age at as the
> last resort. Everyone has given great advice so just
> take the pieces that will help you the most Good luck

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