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Spare me

I hate to ask it, but what is the best way to euthanize a fish?  one of
my rams has popeye (please refrain from any replies referring to "Olive
Oil").  I treated her with maracyn or maracyn 2 (both say they treat it)
but last night I noticed it has become enucleated, or at least very
close to it.  I would like to keep her alive, but I am afraid that
whatever has her is far too advanced to cure.  If this is not the case
please let me know.  I know flushing is the cruelest thing.  a friend of
mine said to feed it to my cat...not a quick death.  I'm thinking
decapitation, but wanted to get the collective expert opinion from my
mentors (pretty much all of you...I am still reading the archives, funny
stuff in '97 about those SAE's and CAE's).  
On a lighter note, my triple red caca's spawned.  first spawn that
hatched with any of my fish.  I felt like I discovered a cure for
cancer.  So, I know the archives have tons on this, and I think even
recently, but can the fry survive on infusoria for a couple of days?  I
am hatching BBS tonight, but until then...
Thanks for the teaching.

Archie Christian
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