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Re: Spare me

on 021002 19:10, Archie Christian at achrist@jhmi.edu wrote:

> I hate to ask it, but what is the best way to euthanize a fish?

I've worked in a zebrafish developmental genetics lab a good long while ago,
and we had to euthanize fish every once in a while. The method we used there
is similar to what others have suggested:

Put ice cubes in a glass/jar of water (depending on the size of the fish in
question). Let sit until water is near freezing temperature (there should
still be a good amount of ice left at that point). Introduce the fish - it
will struggle for a few seconds and then sink to the bottom. Wait a few
minutes to make sure the fish does not recover from the thermal shock.

Note: this method is only suitable for _tropical_ fish and will likely not
work well with fish kept in cold water tanks.

Sorry if this doesn't sound very emotional - it's more of a lab-type
procedure. It works reliably and quickly, and seems to incur minimal
suffering. But I definitely didn't/don't enjoy carrying it out!

Hope this helps...



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