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Re: Spare me

In a message dated 10/2/2002 1:11:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time, achrist@jhmi.edu writes:

On a lighter note, my triple red caca's spawned.  first spawn that
hatched with any of my fish.  I felt like I discovered a cure for
cancer.  So, I know the archives have tons on this, and I think even
recently, but can the fry survive on infusoria for a couple of days?  I
am hatching BBS tonight, but until then...
Thanks for the teaching.

  Now this is like walking on egg shells you know everyone probably has their own idea about ending a fishes suffering if you believe that is what happens. I read some place the most humane way is to take the fish and just throw it down on a hard floor with all you got. Even though I've not had a whole lot of success making dwarfs better I have been fortunate to cure some sick Discus. The first thing I do is crank up the heat around 90 might even add some extra air via airstone then I use the old salt routine while I am searching for a specific medication to treat a specific problem. Shotgun remedy aren't a good idea, it's best to find out exactly what you need for the problem you have and then use it. I take it as a chance to learn and maybe I'll actually get better at curing them. Usually if they don't then they just die on their own. Then the garden is a nice place for them.

  Well, first off I don't know what infusoria is or means. No dictionary handy. Yeah I know I could search the web but, I'm sure someone will come back and tell me. They know I'm not afraid to learn or look stupid, I do it all the time.<G>

  As for cacatuoides sometimes there will be enough in the sponge to feed them. You could actually squeeze it out if it's not too dirty. Also just fine grinding some flakes or pellets will help. I've used a blender and all sorts of stuff when I was stuck. I mean a lot of the stuff in fish food isn't going to kill us as humans and you can always wash the blender out. You could even use a pepper mill if you have it.
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