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My Bolivian rams spawned!!!

     My name is Leah Neuhauser. . .I have been subscribed to this list for 
just a little while, but I haven't posted because I have been settling into 
my dorm (I'm a freshman at Brown University)  and my computer isn't working.
     For the past year, I have really become interested in South American 
fish, particularly dwarf cichlids.  I had been breeding bettas, but SA dwarf 
cichlids drew my interest even more.  I have 2 tanks in my dorm now, one 
houses a pair of Bolivian Rams, and the other will hold a pair of apistos 
(A. agassizii, A borellii, or A. trifaciatum, I don';t know yet) They should 
have arrived at the pet store today, so I'll probably go and choose my 
species tomorrow.
      What really triggered me to finally post (using my roommate's 
computer) is the fact that my Bolivian Rams just spawned!!! My first 
spawning of a SA dwarf cichlid!!  I am really excited!
      I had one question though, about the species name. . .is it 
Microgeophagus or Papiliochromis altispinosa?  I'm thinking its 
Microgeophagus now, but maybe not. . .

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