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Fry with parents

I have a question about leaving fry with their parents.  I have read in a few places that many apisto keepers can leave their fry with the parents (mother at least) for about a month.  I would like to know what type of routine you have concerning how long you keep new spawns with their parents.
I suppose the main concern is what will the parents do when they are ready to spawn again?  Would they be ready in less than a month?  If so, will the parents tolerate the older fry in the tank (like a few other cichlids, L. brichardi for example)?
I ask because my panduro's spawned about a week ago in a 15 gallon.  I will have to do some rearranging with my tanks before I can move the fry.  I just wanted to gauge how long I might have before I have to move them.
Thanks for any comments.