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RE: Aquriums, SS with slate

Stuart R Scott wrote:

>Bob, I got lucky. Scrubbed it real good and filled it 
>with water and 24 hrs later, it's still holding. It now >holds a betta
proudly swimming in his new digs.

Slate can be quite a strange stone as its made of layers. Its not totally
water impermeable, though it is less permeable where its layers lie
horizontal (and the water is above, or below). This is how it was
traditionally used as a building damp course before the days of bitumised
paper, and plastics. But, it will still have some permeability. So keep an
eye on your tank for a subtle seepage, which will be less than a drip but
will probably be present. 

Waterproofing slate may have come on a bit these days, but the old Victorian
slate tank I had, had its base sealed with some sort of patent wax
originally (the constituents of which I really don't want to think to hard
about). When I decided to used the tank I placed a piece of glass over this
and sealed it post insertion from the inside with silicone.

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