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Lots of spawning

This has been a good winter for spawning activity.  I currently have fry from two populations of A. guttata, two populations of A. hoignei, and from my unidentfied pertensis-like apisto ( Mike I will send you a photo).  The pertensis like fish is quite sensitive to pH for survival of the fry.  When I allowed the pH to get up around 6.5, I had several batches of eggs hatch but the fry soon disappeared.  When I keep the pH around 5.5, the fry do well.
I have also made changes in the gravel in some of my tanks.  I switched from coated gravel of about 5 mm to Lone Star #3 sand.  This has not only improved the looks of the tanks but the fish are able to dig the pits to move the fry around to and also pile up the sand to block the entrance to the spawning caves when eggs or fry are in the caves.  I have not had problems with algae coating the surface of this sand as I did with finer sand.