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Strange looking fish

I recently saw strange looking apistos in a lfs. Some were labeled as
cactuoides and some were labeled as caeti.  These fish had blotches and
spots in odd places.  For example one female had a black dorsal fin and the
caudual fin was mostly black.  The lateral line spot was a blotch below the
lateral line.  This fish also has one black cheek and two blotches on her
other side that fall way down on her belly.  Other fish in this bunch had
black freckles indiscrimantely dispearsed all over their bodies which , btw,
included their fins.  Some of the females reminded me of those varigated

Has anyone seen such fish?  Does anyone think that these fish are hybrids of
some sort?  A genetic defect, perhaps?

Francine in MD
Fish - photography - genealogy

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