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Merry Christmas

I wish everybody on this list a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Aaah life is good.I discovered this morning that my borellii's have eggs,the
nijssenis never stopped spawning .I found some three week old fry Sunday in
my heavy planted 75g.I didn't even noticed that something was going on in
there.I was to busy watching the previous batch grow up.For all of you that
read my translation out of Uwe Roemers book "Apistos in a community tank",I
have to admit that I got rid of my Cory cats in my large tank,they where
notorious fry connoiseurs and the Apistos had no defense against them.
No more Yeast cocktails to mix, Santa will bring me a 10 pound CO2 bottle.
If only my cacatuoides would be more productive.
I look forward to another exciting year in Apisto keeping.

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