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Re: Petswhse discussion

.  We love to hear of regional activities and events, and
> have invited these groups to send us news of their activities to print in
> TAG.  (Most of you have probably read my own reports of our AGA activities
> during the NEC conventions each year)
> I think that one of the best ways to grow this hobby is for people to make
> the effort to meet and support others with similar interests on the local
> level.  But this needs to be a grass roots effort.  It has to be done by
> local people themselves.  It's not only that we do not have the manpower
> the management committee to organize these efforts in diverse locations.
> It's even more because each group will have its own needs, interests and
> ideas.  We encourage them to run with what works for them.
> Are you interested in forming a local group?
> Karen

Having just moved to the Portland area a couple of months ago, I am getting
to know the Greater Portland Aquarium Society and its members. It is one of
the few aquarium societies that has a plant study group and offers an award
program for plant cultivation. I am getting to know its members, and
assessing their interest and skill levels.I would like to cultivate and
support what has already been started there. It seems like a nice friendly,
supportive group. A few of its members are no strangers to AGA, and I know
Erik knows these people pretty well.

Robert Hudson

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