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What in the heck!?

Here's a stumper for you. I have a 75 gallon planted tank. It has potting soil under gravel for a substrate, tons of plants, some cory's, 2 discus, 2 viejita, 4 rams. I have a Magnum 350 hooked to it just to circulate the water (no filter media in it). The water was tap cut with RO. The pH never wanted to drop naturally so I added seachem acid buffer on occasion to keep the pH under 6.5. All the fish have been great since I started the tank 6 months ago. Rams spawned all the time but babies would disappear. OK, enough background...

Two days ago, I opened the Magnum 350 and added a canister of rinsed Black Diamond carbon. Today, I came home and all of the fish were dead except 1 ram and 1 cory.

What's up with that!?

Brian Ahmer

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