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Re: Apistogramma moae

Well, it's nice to see that there's some hope for the moae to get passed
around in the hobby. When I got them and spawned them back in, I think '00,
I had never even heard of them let alone seen them before. Apparently they
haven't warranted much attention. I wasn't terribly impressed with them at
first, but the male finally colored up and actually looked pretty nice. Even
up to now I only knew of a small handful of people who had them, all from my
spawns. I actually regret selling them all off now, but maybe I'll get my
chance at them again. I suppose I could just order a box of norberti again
and see if I get lucky.

They weren't really what I would call a challenge to spawn. I pretty much
put them in a tank, fed them when I thought of it, and they did their thing.
I set them up in a 15 with a few other Apisto spare parts. The water was on
the soft side, probably 3-4dKH, pH 6.5-7 with small gravel substrate and
only one clay flowerpot. Once they hit maturity it didn't take long for them
to spawn. The female was a very diligent parent all the way through, and the
male pretty much stayed out of the way. I only spawned them twice before
selling off the pair. They weren't super productive, maybe 20-30 fry from a
spawn, but enough to start a good new generation. Kind of made me wonder why
they weren't more common in the hobby.


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